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APC Powder Coating Manchester

APC Powder Coating Manchester

APC Powder Coating Manchester

Unit 3/4 Bond Mark Industrial Estate, Off Gortone Lane, Gorton, Manchester, M18 8EP

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APC Powder Coating Service Manchester:


With Powder Coating, only the Paint solids are sprayed onto the product, in an atomised powder form.
The Powder is drawn to the product and adheres to the product due to an electrostatic charge applied to the Powder during spraying.

The Product, thus covered with the Powder Paint is then heated (to around 200 degrees Centigrade) in an Oven, wherein the powder fuses (melts) on to the product and thus forms a smooth, tough and resilient coating.

What are the benefits or Powder Coating?

High Quality. Because the powder is fused onto the product, it has excellent scratch resistance properties. It also has a pleasing 'smooth' appearance and forms a sealed skin around the product thus minimising corrosion risk.

Automatic Powder Coating Gun

All work carried out in house at our Manchester Facility.

Powder Coating Track Oven

Powder Coating Track Oven Manchester

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